Is CBD Legal?


Easy one: YES. 

CBD is completely legal. This is something about which there should be no confusion. CBD is legal. Federally legal. Legal to own. Legal to use. Legal to be legal.  And we’re not just saying this because CBD is our business, We’re saying it because the government says it. 

But here’s the thingie, while CBD is indeed absolutely legal, there are still plenty of CBD products out there – think of those you’re seeing in convenience stores and gas stations – that may not be totally on the happy side of the law. Read it and repeat it: a CBD product is legal only if it contains no more than 0.3% THC. 

And while all our CBD products are south of that 0.3% line in the sand – we keep the paperwork to prove it online for all to see – the same can’t be said for a lot of the other CBD products out there. In other words, not all CDB products are created equal, er legal. 

Know why? Because it turns out if you don’t know what you’re doing –and sometimes even if you do – your totally legal hemp-derived CBD can be tainted with an illegal dose of THC. 

Remember, industrial hemp and marijuana are both forms of the cannabis plant, but each has their own unique genetic profile. 

Marijuana is high in THC. Hemp isn’t. But cannabis is a randy little plant, and unless it’s cultivated carefully – particularly if plants are grown outdoors – studies have shown accidental pollination can occur and next thing you know, the hemp crop becomes a marijuana crop! Don’t forget, both marijuana and hemp both contain CBD, but if your CBD comes from a marijuana plant, it’s illegal. 

Then there’s the extracting. THC and CBD are extracted in essentially the same manner and if extraction isn’t done properly, CBD can be contaminated with THC. It seems weird, but the fact is the government – particularly the FDA – is still finding its footing when it comes to the regulation of these products and as such, substandard – and potentially illegal and even harmful products – are out there.

So yeah, this is a classic caveat emptor – buyer beware – scenario. Like we said, CBD is definitely legal, but that doesn’t mean all CBD products are and this is everything. We’ll keep saying it: CBD is legal now and forever, and being your number one trusted source for CBD products is our goal, which is why there’s no mystery among the products and brands you’ll find here. The purity, identity and composition of each and everything is there on the lab reports, performed by accredited, third party labs and found right on our site. 

This is legal CBD. Responsibly farmed, safely extracted to exacting standards and produced with quality and consistency right there on the happy side of the law where we all belong.  


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