TIMBR Organics, hemp flower in pre-roll jar and disposable form has invited you…

We could not be more excited to share with you our newest product release.

TIMBR Organics has selected some of the best hemp flower strains available for our initial release. TIMBR Organics is available in both pre-roll 1 gram single units or available by the jar in eighth (3.5 grams) or quarter sizes (7 grams). Our disposable features two custom developed profiles starting with Jack Herer and Fire OG will hit you right in the taste buds.

Shop owners and distributors please fill the form to best of your ability. We have a limited supply of the gift boxes being prepared.

If necessary we will order more depending on the response.

TIMBR Organics Hemp Flower
TIMBR Organics Sample BoxTIMBR Organics Sample BoxTIMBR Organics Sample Box
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